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John Rhys-Davies, filmografie, carieră, premii și nominalizări

John Rhys-Davies s-a născut pe May 5, 1944, în Ammanford, Wales, UK. Până în prezent, John Rhys-Davies a jucat în 186 producții de filme sau seriale. John Rhys-Davies este cunoscut pentru rolul jucat in ”Dixon of Dock Green”. Ultimul proiect in care s-a implicat John Rhys-Davies va fi productia ”Valley of the Gods”, ce va avea premiera pe 2020.

Data nașterii:
John Rhys-Davies s-a nascut pe May 5, 1944 în Ammanford, Wales, UK
Roluri jucate:
186 de producții TV, seriale sau filme
Prima apariție:
În producția series Dixon of Dock Green 1955-07-09
Ultimul proiect:
Film Valley of the Gods 2020
Filmografie John Rhys-Davies
Film Valley of the Gods Dr. Hermann 2020
Series Archaeology Host 2020
Film Aquaman Brine King (voice) 2018-12-07
Film Aux Jack 2017-11-10
Series The Shannara Chronicles Eventine Elessedil 2016-01-05
Film The Blue Mauritius Hanson 2016-01-01
Film The Apostle Peter: Redemption Peter 2016-08-02
Film Winter Thaw Martin Avdeitch 2016-11-24
Film Camera Store Pinky Steuben 2016-12-09
Series Lantern City Desmond Wilhorn 2016-12-30
Series Killing Jesus Annas 2015-03-29
Film Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made Himself 2015-03-14
Film Killing Jesus Annas 2015-03-29
Film The Watchmaker's Apprentice Narrator 2015-06-01
Film Beyond the Mask Charles Kemp 2015-04-06
Film Golden Shoes 2015-10-06
Film Many Beautiful Things John Ruskin (voice) 2015-10-17
Film Saul: The Journey to Damascus Caiphas 2014-04-01
Film Apocalypse Pompeii Colonel Carlos Dillard 2014-02-18
Film Time Lapse Mr. Bezzeredes 2014-05-24
Film Under Milk Wood Voice 2014-06-01
Series Hieroglyph Vocifer 2014-09-25
Film 100 Degrees Below Zero Ralph Dillard 2013-04-13
Film Concrete Blondes Kostas Jakobatos 2013-05-02
Film Smokin' Doctor 2013-03-22
Film Prisoners of the Sun Prof. Hayden Masterton 2013-12-16
Film 2013 - Let The Season In 2013-12-06
Film Return to the Hiding Place Eusi 2013-08-22
Film Escape Malcom Andrews 2012-01-21
Film The King James Bible: The Book That Changed the World Himeself (Narrator) 2011-03-12
Film Ferocious Planet Senator Jackson Crenshaw 2011-04-09
Series Once Upon a Time Narrator (voice) 2011-10-23
Film La leyenda del tesoro 2011-08-19
Film Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes Dr. Watson (voice) 2010-08-24
Film Medium Raw Elliot Carbon 2010-08-06
Film Three Wise Women 2010-12-14
Series Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire Unknown 2009-04-09
Film Anacondas: Trail of Blood Murdoch 2009-02-27
Film Reclaiming the Blade Narrator 2009-04-15
Film 31 North 62 East John Hammond 2009-09-18
Film Kiss Me Deadly Yale Ericson 2008-05-02
Film Anaconda 3: Offspring Murdoch 2008-01-01
Film Fire and Ice: The Dragon Chronicles Sangimel 2008-09-18
Film The Search for the Ark of the Covenant Narrator 2008-10-27
Film The Ferryman The Greek 2007-01-01
Film The Legend of Sasquatch 2007-02-03
Film In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale Merick 2007-11-29
Film The King Maker Phillippe 2007-04-03
Film 12 Days of Terror Captain 2006-04-25
Film Shark Bait Thorton (voice) 2006-07-07
Series Psych Conservateur 2006-07-07
Film One Night with the King Mordecai 2006-10-10
Film The Game of Their Lives Bill Jeffrey 2005-01-01
Film Chupacabra Terror Captain Randolph 2005-01-29
Film Shadows in the Sun Mr. Andrew Benton 2005-05-12
Series Revelations Professor Lampley 2005-04-13
Series La Femme Musketeer Porthos 2004-06-20
Film Dragon Storm King Fastrad 2004-01-24
Film Stars of the Pharaohs Narrator 2004-01-01
Film La Femme Musketeer Porthos 2004-07-20
Film Endangered Species Police Lt. Wyznowski 2004-11-16
Film The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Viscount Mabrey 2004-08-06
Film The Privileged Planet Narrator 2004-10-05
Series Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Unknown 2004-09-18
Film The Jungle Book 2 Ranjan's Father (voice) 2003-02-14
Film Justice League: Paradise Lost Lord Hades (voice) 2003-07-22
Film Scorcher Dr. Matthew Sallin 2003-01-01
Series Helen of Troy King Priam of Troy 2003-04-20
Film The Medallion Cmdr. Hammerstock-Smythe 2003-08-15
Film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Gimli / Treebeard (voice) 2003-12-17
Film Coronado Presidente Hugo Luis Ramos 2003-09-25
Film National Geographic - Beyond the Movie: The Return of the King Narrator 2003-12-21
Film Delta Force One: The Lost Patrol Ivan 2002-01-29
Series Fillmore! Unknown 2002-09-14
Film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Gimli / Treebeard (voice) 2002-12-18
Film Sabretooth Anthony Bricklin 2002-11-26
Film Quest for the Ring Himself 2001-11-29
Film A Passage to Middle-earth: Making of 'Lord of the Rings' Himself 2001-12-09
Series The Zeta Project Unknown 2001-01-27
Film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Gimli 2001-12-18
Film National Geographic - Beyond the Movie: The Lord of the Rings Himself - Narrator (voice) 2001-12-23
Film Catherine The Great Pugachev 2000-01-01
Film Britannic Captain Barrett 2000-01-09
Film Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists King Akron 2000-03-24
Series The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Unknown 2000-06-18
Film The Search for the Real Mt. Sinai Narrator 1999-06-01
Film Au Pair Nigel Kent 1999-08-22
Film Body Armor Rasheed 1998-05-05
Film Cats Don't Dance Woolie Mammoth (voice) 1997-03-26
Film Bloodsport III Jacques Duvalier 1997-05-13
Series You Wish Mustafa 1997-09-26
Film The Great White Hype Johnny Windsor 1996-05-03
Film Marquis de Sade Inspector Marais 1996-01-01
Series Arliss Unknown 1996-08-10
Film Aladdin and the King of Thieves Cassim (voice) 1996-08-13
Series Star Trek: Voyager Unknown 1995-01-16
Series Freakazoid! Unknown 1995-09-09
Series Sliders Maximillian Arturo 1995-03-22
Series Pinky and the Brain Unknown 1995-09-09
Film Glory Daze Luther 1995-10-01
Series Duckman Unknown 1994-03-05
Film Robot in the Family Neighbour 1994-03-02
Film Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger Gen. James 'Paladin' Taggart / Prince Thrakhath / Kilrathi in-flight Voices 1994-03-24
Film The High Crusade Bruder Parvus 1994-06-02
Series A Mind to Kill Unknown 1994-11-27
Film A Flintstones Christmas Carol Charles Brickens (voice) 1994-11-24
Series Gargoyles Unknown 1994-10-24
Series Fantastic Four Unknown 1994-09-24
Series The Untouchables 1993-01-11
Film The Unnamable II Professor Warren 1993-02-05
Film Sunset Grill Stockton 1993-09-27
Film The Seventh Coin Captain Galil 1993-04-30
Film Cyborg Cop Kessel 1993-10-05
Film Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Framing Phillip Graff 1992-03-01
Film The Lost World Challanger 1992-01-01
Film Return to the Lost World Professor George Challenger 1992-04-07
Film Canvas Nick 1992-09-16
Film Ring Of The Musketeers Maurice Treville 1992-12-01
Film The Double O Kid Rudi Von Kseenbaum 1992-09-07
Film The Strauss Dynasty Gribov 1991-01-01
Series I Misteri Della Giungla Nera O'Connor 1991-01-01
Film Before the Storm Flynn 1991-01-01
Series Strauss Dynasty 1991-01-01
Series Under Cover Flynn 1991-01-07
Series Great Expectations Joe Gargery 1991-06-21
Series The Legend of Prince Valiant Unknown 1991-09-03
Film Journey of Honor El Zaidan 1991-04-27
Film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Sallah 1989-05-24
Film The Trial of the Incredible Hulk Wilson Fisk 1989-05-06
Series Tales from the Crypt Unknown 1989-06-10
Film The Gifted One Carl Boardman 1989-06-25
Film Rising Storm Donwaldo 1989-10-21
Film Desperado: Badlands Justice Richard Marriott 1989-12-17
Film Waxwork Werewolf 1988-06-17
Film Higher Ground 1988-09-04
Series Noble House Quillan Gornt 1988-02-21
Film Tusks 1988-01-01
Film Young Toscanini Rossi 1988-10-07
Film Goddess of Love Zeus 1988-11-20
Series War and Remembrance Sammy Mutterperl 1988-11-13
Film The Living Daylights General Leonid Pushkin 1987-06-29
Film The Little Match Girl le Chef de la Murphy 1987-01-01
Film Das Mädchen mit den Wunderhölzern Polizist 1987-12-21
Film Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam Edward Tremaine 1987-10-04
Film In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro Chris Tucker 1986-05-09
Film Firewalker Corky Taylor 1986-11-21
Film King Solomon's Mines Dogati 1985-11-22
Film Kim Babu 1984-05-16
Series Robin of Sherwood Unknown 1984-04-28
Film No Man's Land Grimshaw 1984-05-27
Series Murder, She Wrote Harry Waverly 1984-09-30
Film Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Baron Fortinbras 1984-08-17
Film Best Revenge Mustapha 1984-10-19
Film Grizzly II: The Concert Bouchard: Big Game Hunter 1983-01-01
Series Scarecrow and Mrs. King Unknown 1983-10-03
Series Sadat Gamal Abdel Nasser 1983-10-31
Film Sahara Rasoul 1983-12-01
Film Ivanhoe Front de Boeuf 1982-02-23
Film Victor/Victoria Andre Cassell 1982-04-25
Film Sphinx Stephanos Markoulis 1981-02-11
Series Peter and Paul Silas 1981-04-12
Film Raiders of the Lost Ark Sallah 1981-06-12
Film The Making of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Himself 1981-11-28
Film Fox 1980-03-10
Film Shogun Vasco Rodrigues 1980-11-08
Series Shogun Vasco Rodrigues 1980-09-15
Film A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Solicitor 1979-01-01
Film Henry VIII Capucius, Ambassador from Emperor Charles V 1979-02-25
Series Hazell Unknown 1978-01-16
Film The Nativity Nestor 1978-12-17
Film Fearless Frank 1978-10-04
Series BBC Television Shakespeare Unknown 1978-12-01
Series Target Unknown 1977-09-09
Series CHiPs Nakura (as John Rhys Davies) 1977-09-15
Series 1990 Unknown 1977-09-18
Series I, Claudius Naevius Sutorius Macro 1976-09-20
Series Beasts Unknown 1976-10-16
Series Quiller Unknown 1975-08-29
Film The Naked Civil Servant Barndoor 1975-12-17
Series Within These Walls Unknown 1974-01-04
Series The Adventures of Black Beauty Unknown 1974-09-08
Series Warship Unknown 1973-06-07
Series Budgie 1971-04-09
Series The Guardians Unknown 1971-07-10
Series Z-Cars Unknown 1962-01-02
Series Dixon of Dock Green Unknown 1955-07-09